Vogue Paris March 2012 ‘Weekend a Roma’ - Lara Stone by Mikael Jansson


i love a series of unfortunate events cuz lemony snicket just didnt give a fuck he put computers and old clunky diving suits and tacky fast food restaurants and telegraphs and mostly early 20th century aesthetics (but a lot of modern values & criticisms) all in the same universe and it worked so well

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I haven’t forgiven this song

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Loras Tyrell as Tuxedo Mask AU.

Knight of Flowers indeed.

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make me choose: margaery or sansa? (from margaeryrell)
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is there a ship name for Margaery and Sansa or is it just “the gay redheads with shitty boyfriends”

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up all night working on my thesis

so if you were thinking of sending me nice messages/funny stories/silly puns/amusing hate

now might be a good time

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